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Will you trust the new boy with the corporate farm?

Type ‘Cloud Computing’ into Google and most of your results will be from suppliers keen to promote their services. But these announcements aren’t answering DMW’s clients’ questions which are now more sophisticated and harder to answer.

Sure, Cloud represents a utopian combination of rapid response, high flexibility and low unit cost. But the benefits argument is settled and our clients have moved on. They want to know what will happen when things go wrong, which they will. This goes to the heart of IT’s accountability for delivery of services to business partners – and it can’t be outsourced.

Cloud may be the new boy in town, but the same old questions will need to be answered: what went wrong, how did it happen and what’s been done to stop it happening again. Cloud vendors need to engage actively in these discussions to form an integrated part of the support landscape, and consumers need to ensure they’re incentivised to do so, before the contract is inked.

The irony of the situation is rich: a technology that was going to remove the need for ‘non-core’ activities like operational best practice has actually made this even more important, at least in the short term. Until Cloud vendors understand the question, and make this an integral part of their offering, we don’t think people will be prepared to trust the new boy with the corporate farm.