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Will your infrastructure be breaking records during the Olympics?

With less than a month to go until the Olympic Games, and London businesses preparing for travel chaos during the Olympics and Paralympics, homeworking is going to see a significant peak in July 2012.

For lots of IT workers with laptops this may be business as usual – but will your infrastructure cope with the demand of up to 50% of your workforce trying to access core IT services remotely?

More and more companies rely on IP telephony for one-to-one contact and conference calls, on VPN technology to allow remote working, and/or on Citrix to provide remote access to critical applications. How will each of these services handle the increased usage? And how will your network infrastructure cope against a backdrop of increased video streaming – ie. Employees watching the Olympics online (when they should be working) and what impact will the general increase in traffic on the internet – including that generated by the world’s media descending on London –  have on your employees’ access mechanisms.

You have only a short window remaining to test that your infrastructure copes, and put in place appropriate contingency plans. Just like the athletes, thorough preparation of your infrastructure in advance of the big event will ensure you perform to your best.