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Virtual desktop

Does a virtual desktop make sense in the business world today?

Desktop virtualisation is following hot on the heels of its successful big brother – server virtualization – but should companies begin rollouts straight away?

Benefits include:

  • Centralized management of all desktop images, resulting in lower support costs, better management of software licences and simpler patching processes
  • Tighter security controls, meaning improved protection against viruses, and better protection against data loss
  • Less reliance on ever more powerful desktops, meaning less capital outlay, extended refresh cycles and lower power consumption
  • Improved support for mobile and temporary staff, resulting in improved productivity.

Some of these benefits would be especially attractive to any company currently planning a complete PC upgrade or refresh.

Of course if you’re considering a desktop virtualisation solution, you should keep in mind the potentially high set up costs, having total reliance on your network and not under-estimating the cultural change implications involved.

Who knows, before too much longer your smart-phone may connect to your keyboard, display and mouse, and, connected to your virtual desktop, replacing the PC on your desk entirely?

Now that would certainly help reduce your company’s carbon footprint!