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Unconstrained data growth can impact your operational performance

According to a recent article on referencing a Science Journal study; the total volume of data stored across the earth totals a staggering 295 exabytes as of 2007, with some scientists suggesting we could be fast approaching one zettabyte of digital storage. Whilst this covers data on all forms of digital storage, it does pose serious questions for businesses of all sizes:

  • What are we storing?
  • How are we managing it?
  • How do we recover from a failure?
  • At what cost?

 The unconstrained growth of business data can have a number of undesired side-effects, including:

  • Poor system performance
  • Lengthy backup times (and a potentially lengthy restore time leading to system outages during data recovery activities following an IT failure)
  • Growing OPEX cost for SAN storage
  • Increased risks of data misuse

With data growing and IT systems becoming ever more ingrained as the backbone of business operations, it more important than ever before to effectively manage data retention and recovery strategies. Do you need to take a fresh look at how you are managing your corporate data ?