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Before taking a scalpel to your budget, take IT’s temperature first

Economic pressures are forcing CIOs and IT directors to think hard about their assets and ongoing costs.  The challenges that are being presented to senior managers at the moment are:

  • “Sweat your assets,”
  • “Cut your support costs,” and
  • “Cut your programme budget by 20%.”

These are fine suggestions, and in some cases work as hoped, but more often they are blunt and un-targeted and lead to regret later on.  What CIOs and IT directors need more than ever is to make the right decision.

DMW Group has worked with many clients and found that most often the answer is right in front of them.  Data.  It’s possible to get better, and more timely operational data by improving the way you use your current IT Systems.  This, combined with a clear direction from the business, means you’ll be able to make better decisions about where to focus your time, effort and budget.

So – before you take the surgeon’s knife to your IT organisation – why not take IT’s temperature first?