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Simplify don’t amplify

Is your IT delivery organisation too complex and process heavy? Do you wish you had an Agile delivery method as nimble as the name suggests?

In our drive to deliver the growing demand for more functionally rich and easier to use systems, we run the risk of increasing the complexity of our processes and organisation. The more effective response would be to take the opposite course of action.

As we organise our delivery processes what we need to avoid is the spectre of Complicatedness, officially defined as ‘a situation or event that is not easy to understand, regardless of its nature or degree of complexity’.

Ask yourself the following questions –

  • Is it impossible to explain what your project is doing, or how it is governed on a single page?
  • Does your project leadership constantly announce changes, creating unclear new processes or seemingly pointless project reorganizations you just don’t understand?
  • Do new joiners take too long to know what it going on?

If the answer to any of these is yes then you are probably running hot on the complicatedness dial, in danger of overheating and would benefit from simplification. If you add more layers and initiatives as a means of improving the situation you run the risk of sending your delivery operation into a tail spin from which you may not recover. Plus your team engagement and therefore morale may go into freefall.

At DMW our business is to simplify your delivery problem. We believe that whilst the delivery scope and objective may be complex, how it is delivered does not have to mirror that complexity. Strip your delivery back to basics. Our depth of experience over the last 25 years, of running programmes both large and small, has taught us what makes them successful. Our approach is simple and clear, ensuring the vital elements are in place to give your programme the greatest chance of success.  We ask five questions:

  • Where are we going and why are we doing this?
  • How committed and aligned are the stakeholders?
  • How are we going to get there?
  • Do we understand what we are going to change?
  • Do we have the capability?

For more information on how DMW can help simplify your project delivery organisation please contact us or visit our web site to look at The DMW Approach.