Having managed over £1bn of cloud projects and migrated over 250,000 workloads to the cloud in the last 5 years, we’re confident that wherever you are on your cloud journey, we can make your cloud migration and delivery a success.

We address cloud cost optimisation using a combination of our proprietary tools and third-party infrastructure analysis tools, and our proven approach typically saves our clients up to 30% on their cloud spend.

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How we can help:


  • > Cloud Migration and Delivery
  • > Cloud Strategy and
  • > Cloud Cost-Optimisation


Our clients often come to us with two key questions: how can I access and organise the data I have, and how can I use it to improve my business?

We will help you navigate the bewildering array of tools, platforms, and technologies available, finding the best solution to suit your needs. By unlocking the insight held within your data you will have a better understanding of your business, its performance and the customers you serve.

We have built data analytics capabilities at scale – ingesting and unlocking petabytes of data for analysis whilst delivering iterative capability to users – providing real-time customer insight in a matter of weeks

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How we can help:


  • > Rapid Data Enablement
  • > Analytics Capability Enablement
  • > Intelligence Led Risk Transformation


From customers looking to engage over new channels to staff wishing they could collaborate more intuitively; everyone now expects a digital-first experience.

While simple on the surface, these demands often require businesses to radically rethink how they operate internally – disrupting existing processes, investing in technology and creating a culture of internal innovation.

Successfully executing such radical changes necessitates a clear strategy, technical guard-rails and breaking down historical boundaries between business and IT.

Our digital experts work with your business and IT stakeholders to drive value and focus on what’s important to ensure that you are leaders, not laggards, in the digital race.

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How we can help:


  • > Digital Strategy and Architecture

  • > Digital Workplace Migration and Delivery

  • > Digital-Cost Optimisation

Business transformation 

We are finding that traditional ways of operating are no longer fit for purpose and don’t deliver the success an organisation needs.  Why? Because over-reliance on historic processes and ways of working shift the focus away from digital’s primary competitive driver – the outcome.

When faced with significant change we will help you navigate the complex people, process, organisation and technology challenges, to remain relevant, cost effective and successful.

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How we can help:


  • > Digital Transformation
  • > Digital Business Case
  • > Digital Targeting Operating Model
  • > Digital Capability Assessment
  • > TOM Design Assurance