Major government projects are slipping

In 2018, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s Annual Report on the Government Major Projects Portfolio showed that a third of programmes delivered by 16 government departments and public bodies, were distressed (“amber/red”) or failing (“red”).

Most of these may go on to be delayed and exceed their budgets. The government’s transformation portfolio includes many vital projects that promise nearly £50 billion in benefits, meaning they're subject to national scrutiny and integral in improving citizens' lives. 

So, why are they failing?

We've found that there are often several factors behind a government programme not succeeding as planned.

However, we believe the problems can be reduced to five main areas: scope, requirements management, technology and business misalignment, inaccurate cost forecasting, and poor data models. 

A mix of these may be causing your project to suffer, and it's important to recognise that these issues can pop up at any time during programme execution. For example, a project may start out on track, but along the way requirements are not checked against regularly and the solution ends up missing the original mark. 

That's why it is important to ensure an agile approach that incorporates testing and evaluation as a core part of the delivery management.  

Are you suffering from these blockers? 


  • > Despite investments in major digital projects, programmes are overspending or missing opportunities to maximise their investment;

  • > Poor project planning, legacy technology and overwhelming technological options leads to inefficient decision-making;

  • > The public sector are finding it difficult to organise, store and extract value from big data.
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Why listen to us?

We are listed on the relevant public sector frameworks, including G-Cloud 11, DOS4, Technology Services 2 and MCF2. 

With similar successful public sector Programme Assurance and Programme Delivery projects under our hat, we can help you at any stage of your journey.

We have been operating for over 30 years, and we're known for our ability to revitalise IT strategies on-time and to budget due to our Agile methodology.

Read some of our recent case studies below understand the scale and complexity of projects with which we've been entrusted. 

Programme Assurance - Advisory

Objective: Get your programme on track via an independent review. 

How we get there: Deploy a bespoke, expert team of consultants to analyse areas of distress and identify solutions.

Why we succeed: Experience, DMW Tools and Pragmatism. 

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  • Why we succeed

  • > Experience

  • We have the breadth and depth of experience in a range of industries, meaning we bring learnings that can apply across sectors. 

  • > Tools

  • Our tried-and-tested model is used to assess a programme’s overall maturity through an in-depth evaluation across both business and technology.

  • > Pragmatism

  • Our Agile approach and data expertise allows us to plan and deliver a quality, in-depth assessment.