Vuong Nguyen

Managing Consultant

  • > Cloud native, serverless architecture
  • > Multi-cloud deployment
  • > Cloud security review
  • > Automation
  • > Data analytics & machine learning


I joined DMW in 2019 after 5 years at Deloitte working as a Solution Architect in the Automation practice. A common theme across the past projects I worked on is the use of innovative technology and tools required to solve different problems for client. Before this, I studied Maths at University of Southampton and had I not decided to join the consulting world, I would probably have pursued a PhD in algebraic topology.

Outside of work, I enjoy planning my next trip to add to my flight log. Some of the more exotic places I have been to are Svalbard, Bora Bora and Easter Island.


With my analytical background, I always try to develop pragmatic solutions for clients’ problems by looking through different lenses, from high-level strategy to low-level implementation.

I am passionate about technology and always strive to be working with the latest technology and tools. In the last year, I have learned and worked with AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform and Kubernetes.

My previous experience in software development allows me to pick up a new technology and quickly develop a proof of concept. This allows me to gain early buy-in from clients and establish myself as the go-to person for all technology-related problems.

Career Highlights

I recently helped a public sector client develop their data & analytics strategy, which underpins their data transformation programme. The centrepiece of the strategy is the concept of data mesh, which is widely considered the next big architectural shift in analytics. There was real satisfaction when senior stakeholders signed off and committed to the strategy, knowing that I have done an excellent job at explaining the concepts and articulating the significant changes and associated benefits it would bring to the organisation. We have just started on a long journey and I am excited to continue on it.

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