Tristan Dickson



  • > Visualising complex data
  • > Maintaining high data quality
  • > Creating clean, satisfying user experiences
  • > Understanding business implications
  • > Promoting a single vision across stakeholders



I joined DMW in 2019 after five years at Atos. I worked as a Developer and a Technical Architect designing applications for visualisation and analysis in sectors including Nuclear Energy, Genetic Health and Immigration.

I hold a Masters Physics Degree from Royal Holloway University and I discovered a love of coding while working on simulating events in particle accelerators using plasma as a medium.

Outside of work I have written apps including a game where you fly a jet into space and explore the solar system, and a tool to record and view ratings at a wine tasting event.


On projects, I work to understand everyone’s perspective and then build a product which can be demonstrated quickly. I think developers should strive to work closely with the business team instead of focussing only on the technical challenges.

I’m a firm believer that a great visualisation is worth its weight in gold, and that anyone can understand a portion of any topic if it is explained well, no matter how technical they are.

Above all, I’m driven by building intuitive solutions which blend seamlessly into a user’s workflow and simply enable them to do what they’re trying to do.

Career Highlights

At a nuclear client, I designed a 3-dimensional simulation of a nuclear vault. This allowed operating staff to explore the vault using their devices and click into individual containers to query the contents. Positioning is very important in a nuclear facility, as radioactive elements cannot be positioned too close to one another without causing an unsafe degree of heat and radiation. Needless to say, the fewer times the operators had to physically enter the vault, the safer they were overall.

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