Stephanie Quinn

Managing Consultant

  • > AWS Cloud Architecture
  • > Cloud Engineering & CI/CD
  • > Test Planning
  • > Digital Transformation


I joined DMW in 2018 as a Managing Consultant, after 4 years at Accenture aligned to the Financial Services Technology Advisory Practice.

Prior to Accenture I studied for my master’s in biomedical engineering at University College Dublin, where I studied a broad range of topics from designing a low cost automated external defibrillator to coding MATLAB and C++ and everything in between.

I have always loved understanding the inner workings of things and using logic to solve problems so engineering seemed like the obvious choice of study.

Outside of work I love to travel and see new places, often take advantage of my hobby in sailing to do this.


Since starting at DMW I have been lucky to be exposed to a strong engineering culture from the outset and even more so with the start of our engineering practice towards the end of last year. As a consultant with a keen interest in cloud, this has given me the opportunity to build out my Cloud Engineering experience and develop my AWS and Terraform skills. I am able to apply and enhance the knowledge from my AWS Solution Architect Associate certification by developing and testing real-world solutions for DMW which in turn can be shared with our clients.

Career Highlights

I have recently used some time on the bench to build out a fully automated, multi-account AWS platform based on the AWS Landing Zone architecture using Terraform. There is an emphasis on securing the platform while avoiding blocking our users from doing what they need, and instead providing guardrails. We have deployed the latest AWS security offerings, all as code, including the ability to scan all accounts to ensure compliance with CIS benchmarks.

Client-side I have been involved in a programme of work to build a new digital bank offering on Google Cloud Platform, enabling me to grow my knowledge into two of the three major public cloud providers.

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