Safwaan Rahman

Talent Acquisition Manager


  • > Hiring consultants in London and Leeds
  • > Candidate attraction
  • > Technical hiring
  • > Diversity and Inclusion advocate
  • > Mental Health First Aider


Before DMW I worked for Resource Solutions where I travelled to different client sites to manage recruitment processes. This involved hiring people, managing contractors and suggesting improvements to the way companies hire people and getting them to implement those changes. I mostly worked for big investment banks in the city but also for large media companies and law firms.

Outside of work I really enjoy football (and try to play when I can!), I play pool fairly regularly and cycle both for commuting and leisure. I like going on travelling adventures to remote destinations and I’m a complete film buff. I do also pride myself in being interested in other cultures, places and of course, technology!      


I bring experience in building improvements to the recruitment process which speed up hiring and attracting the right type of candidates in a competitive marketplace. I specialise in technology hiring so am able to decode CVs full of technical terms and acronyms which can often stump HR teams. I also have experience in building and integrating diversity and inclusion into the hiring of staff without compensating on quality and volume which is particularly important in the tech sector. 

Career Highlights

I am really interested in wellbeing so I’m proud to have suggested DMW train mental health first aiders and being one of DMW’s first mental health first aiders. I also founded DISCo, our Diversity and Inclusion Support Community, which has grown into an influential part of our culture with the goal of making us an industry leader in D&I.

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