Pippa Buckley-Fisher

Pippa Buckley-Fisher

Managing Consultant


  • > Enterprise data solutions
  • > Data and integration architecture
  • > Big data and analytics architecture
  • > Data warehousing
  • > Business intelligence
  • > Data management and modelling
  • > Data migration


I joined DMW in July 2020 after almost 30 years of providing data solutions to a variety of clients in the Public, Retail, Financial, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Utilities sectors.

Prior to joining DMW, I was a Senior Solutions Architect at Capgemini for 12 years, working on a series of major data programmes for a large UK government department.

Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, camping, fishing and hiking.


I studied computing at The University of Leeds and I am a Chartered Engineer.

I have a wealth of experience in data modelling, data and integration architectures and I have worked extensively in complex, data-rich environments with often challenging integration requirements.

I have operated as an enterprise Data Architect on a number of major transformational data programmes, including the migration of a UK Government Department’s legacy warehouse systems to a big data platform, the design of a new data environment for analytics and business intelligence for a retail client, and a new enterprise data warehouse for a charitable organisation.

Career Highlights

I was the Data Architect for a new strategic risk/fraud detection service for a UK Government Department. Bringing together a vast amount of data from many internal and external data sources, using social network analysis and predictive analytics, the service generated £3 billion in additional revenue in its first five years. The service was awarded National Outsourcing Association Awards Project of the Year, the British Computer Society’s Big Data Project of the Year and was the winner of the Civil Service’s Science, Engineering & Technology award.

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