Nigel Hughes


  • > Strategic Advisor 
  • > Rethink, reshape, reinvent 
  • > Organisation-level transformation
  • > Business model change 
  • > Mega trends, Technology 
  • > Commercial, Retail and Industrial 


I have spent much of my consulting career in challenging the status quo.  My belief is that we are not in unique times, that successful firms have always found ways to reinvent, disrupt and look for opportunity to maximise advantage.   

My passion is to work closely with our clients to rethink, reshape and reuse solutions, borrowing on what has worked before as much as leveraging the completely new.

With more than 25 years of experience across the technology sector, I advise companies on how to capitalise on new and proven technology to structure, operate and compete in the most effective ways.  


My major skillset is to listen, to challenge and to work collaboratively in finding solutions. I have a solid foundation in technology spanning everything from mainframe environments to the use of microservices architecture.  My work is always to look at how technology can be used to support change, and how organisations change themselves to exploit that technology. I am keen advocate of agile approaches and marry them with more traditional change management to accelerate sustained improvement. 

Career Highlights

My experience includes working across most industry sectors.  Some highlights include working with:

  • Senior management team of a European Retailer. Creating and executing a technology strategy to support and drive their move from a product to a services company, with seamless connectivity across their supply chain and real time analytics.
  • Global Investment bank. Executing an Agile DevOps programme supporting multispeed deliver from the rapid deployment of new products, ability to scale to material size and optimised hosting of mature offerings; built on a hybrid cloud platform.
  • Global Manufacturer. Designed operating model and sourcing strategy that allowed business unit autonomy whilst exploiting scale from centralised infrastructure.


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