Nick Griffiths



  • > Web application development
  • > Android development 
  • > Cloud architecture
  • > Tech leadership
  • > Continuous delivery



I joined DMW in November 2019 as one of the first Engineers. Since then, I’ve been providing quality assurance for the development of a new cloud-based microservice architecture for a major bank, contributed to DMW’s internal software development projects, and provided technical advice for numerous bids.  

Prior to DMW, I wrote an Android app and many back-end services for a spatial data startup, and before that I was a Tech Lead working on the new search platform at Rightmove. 


I get a lot of satisfaction from building things and seeing them in the hands of real users. I enjoy working within a team and helping empower them to continually improve what is delivered and how it is delivered. 

I’ve had most experience working on Java web applications but have enjoyed branching out to write an Android app, including C++ to interface with a third-party hardware device, and build a cloud-native serverless application on AWS. 

Throughout my career I’ve worked in a variety of environments, from an early stage startup to a safety-critical system. 

Career Highlights

I worked on 2+ year project to completely transform the technology the people use to search for a property on Rightmove. We pioneered the use of a new search engine, a microservice architecture, continuous delivery and a DevOps culture within the organisation. 

As an early hire at a spatial data startup, I adapted and quickly learned the skills to develop an Android app to interface with a third-party hardware device and led its development. I found the combination of learning new technologies and working closely with users to refine the app’s design very satisfying; it forms a critical component of the data capture workflow. 

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