Dr Naya Giannakopoulou

Technology Consultant

  • > Data driven decision making
  • > Data solution architecture
  • > Big Data/Analytics
  • > Advocate of AI at scale
  • > International research experience
  • > Scientific depth


Having my roots in academia, I have acquired a methodical and critical approach to problems as well as strong skills in data analysis of big volume of data and synthesis of results. I have also had opportunities to master my public speaking skills via giving talks in international conferences on top of my teaching and mentorship roles across Europe.

I joined DMW after working as a Software Analyst for a global technology company in City offering world class electronic trading platforms and connectivity solutions. There, I was responsible for implementing, maintaining and supporting top-tier banks’ trading platform.

I hold a PhD in BioPhotonics, an MSc (Hons) in Lasers and Photonics and a BSc (Hons) in Physics.


I have managed multi-disciplinary projects in the fields of data analysis/analytics and complex application delivery and support across multiple sectors. I am a cloud and data certified professional for platform agnostic emerging technologies and an advocate of AI enabled technologies at scale.

I am one of DMW’s experts in Data solution architecture and Big data analytics with a passion for applying AI/ML enterprise solutions in Microsoft’s cloud platform (Azure).

I am also experienced in data wrangling, exploratory data analysis (EDA) and ML (scikit-learn) in Python.

Career Highlights

In one of my recent engagements, I was the data reporting lead for a major oil company’s global digital transformation programme.

In the past I deployed, configured and supported a complex trading software platform on the cloud. This was the first company’s client running a trading platform on a cloud infrastructure.

My favourite career highlight has been the completion of my PhD accompanied with several presentations and publications of my work in international conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

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