Mohammad Syed

Managing Consultant


  • > Specialist advisor to data leaders
  • > Data & analytics strategy & TOM design
  • > Data & analytics maturity & transformation
  • > Data management & governance implementation
  • > Data analytics programme & product delivery
  • > Cloud architecture for data & analytics


I joined DMW in 2019 after 12 years at KPMG, where I was a specialist in data strategy, management, architecture and analytics in Financial Services, Government and Health. I also wrote thought pieces on data ethics and the CDO (Chief Data Officer) role.

Before that, I studied Economics at Queen Mary University, covering both macro-economic policy and micro-level issues like where you should buy your bread! I really enjoyed converting abstract concepts into testable, empirical models.

I get involved in start-ups, helping entrepreneurs leverage data. I love the outdoors, but more routinely I enjoy a nice meal and late-night cup of tea with my (large!) family.


I am amazed by the transformational impact of data - everyone from city planners to charities must now leverage data across an eco-system of partners, and have the capabilities to do so.

I am interested in how organisations are changing, with C-level positions opened as data becomes central to an organisation’s purpose. I want to help data leaders define strategy and build capability.

I am passionate about using empirical, iterative approaches to test ideas. Businesses need pragmatic, innovative approaches to problem solving that show value early. My experience allows me to help our clients move towards greater maturity in their use of data.

Career Highlights

I delivered an analytics platform for 500+ healthcare professionals with data on +9m people. This included service definition, setting up reporting centres of excellence, building capability and embedding an analytics TOM (Target Operating Model). This was an enormous project that was extremely rewarding!

In addition, I developed a business case model based on analysing customer behaviours and demographic trends to run product simulations, and also worked with a health regulator to deliver a data strategy.  While one challenge was technical and the other strategic, both of them were engagements where I had very little steer, so had the chance to get really creative!

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