Jun Wang

Jun Wang-1

Managing Consultant


  • > Lean business transformation
  • > Process improvement and design
  • > Change management
  • > Target operating model design
  • > Organisation design
  • > Project management


I joined DMW’s Business Transformation team in September. Prior to joining DMW, I worked for Capgemini Invent in their London and New York offices, where I focused on our financial services client with large and complex business transformation projects. During this time, I gained extensive global exposure by working in a number of countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Nigeria and the US.

I have an MBA from IE Business School in Spain and a master’s in Transport and Business Management from Imperial College London.

Outside of work, I like travelling and exploring different parts of the world that I have never visited before. I like to experience new cultures and discover the local cuisines.


I am an adept at managing my own projects and time, particularly when it comes to large and complex programmes.

I have worked as a Delivery Lead at various Financial Services clients with great success in all aspects of project delivery and management to drive the biggest cost savings. This has involved leading, developing and managing project plans and approach to successful completion whilst identifying, tracking and resolving issues that arise on the project, developing dedicated solutions to mitigate risks.

I have a strong ability to manage senior stakeholders and can always take a pragmatic approach to help them with problem solving. I am able to be decisive when faced with difficult choices, coaching and guiding my clients to make the hard decisions that will deliver the highest quality results in an efficient way.

Career Highlights

In 2015, I led a change team to deliver sustainable change of working practices and working behaviours using five lenses methodology to successfully free up 30% of its existing capacity. We diagnosed the current state and designed the future state to help the business improve its customer feedback and process its efficiency, performance management, organisation re-design, employee skills, mindsets and behaviours.
I also coached the business unit’s senior management team in leading lean organisations. I developed a strategy which included teaching new tools, re-aligning KPIs, re-defining daily agendas and adapting to a better way of working.

More recently, I helped one of the UK’s biggest charities with their organisation design. I implemented and delivered core organisation design methodologies and approaches, ensuring that the design of the organisation facilitated the integration of organisational capability and the alignment of business models. I carried out both high level and detailed organisation design and aligned the organisation design approach with wider operating model considerations such as process, systems, behaviours and ways of working. This helped to support a holistic approach to operating model implementation.

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