Jeremy Olsen


I joined DMW in 1998 as a consultant with a background in IT implementation. Since 2007 I have been a part of DMW’s Leadership Team and became a member of the Board in 2014.

I have worked across many industry sectors and enjoy helping my clients to deliver technology projects that support or change their business. Highlights have included managing the technology delivery for an insurance company’s major new product platform, running an integration project at a top UK publishing house, defining the requirements for a system to support UK wide regulation of the social care workforce and rationalising a client’s infrastructure by implementing a private cloud platform.

More recently, I have been running a programme to deliver new technical platforms that will provide the agility that my client needs to keep up with the challenges of their market place – and will also facilitate new and more efficient ways to process information.

I graduated from Exeter University where I studied Cognitive Science. Prior to joining DMW I cut my consulting teeth at PA Consulting. Outside of the office I can often be found riding or repairing bicycles having developed a passion for mountain biking, although these days family life takes precedence over time in the saddle. I am also actively involved in a local church, which has the unique feature of being based on a boat.

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