James Shaw

Managing Consultant

I am a technical architect with over 10 years’ experience working across public and private sectors helping them solve their most complex system integration challenges.

A recent project involved helping a global transportation company, where I developed a short to midterm IT infrastructure strategy. This focused on reducing operational risk, and providing flexibility for future growth and acquisitions. I then oversaw the corresponding procurement process for a data centre hosting and migration partner, ensuring the best possible contractual outcome, for the client.

I have had a wealth of public sector engagements, from designing and building private clouds to identifying and selecting the most appropriate strategic IT platforms, to support digital capability and scaling ambitions.

Outside of work, I look forward to my annual escape to the mountains to ski and attempting to teach my young daughter to swim.

Previous experience

Prior to joining DMW in 2011, I was a member of HP's technical solutions group before becoming an independent technical architect.

I graduated from Sheffield University with a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.