Francesca Boarolo



  • > Programme Management and PMO services

  • > Agile Methodology 

  • > Infrastructure Delivery

  • > Global Transformations

  • > Expertise in Energy and Commercial sectors

  • > Internet of Things


I joined DMW in January 2019 as a Consultant, supporting the delivery of a global business transformation and cloud migration programme. Prior to this, I worked in KPMG as technology risk consultant, analysing IT and business processes. I have a degree in Management Engineering with a specialisation in Internet of Things, and I have studied and worked in Italy, France and the UK.

I love travelling and discovering new places and cultures. When not travelling I like skiing, playing tennis and dancing.


I have experience in global programmes that focus on cloud transformations and business changes, covering the Programme Management and PMO Services.

I have worked with both waterfall and agile methodologies in infrastructure deliveries.

My previous roles included setting up PMO Services, performing an agile review, and performing a Scrum Master role during the transition towards agile ways of working.

Career Highlights 

In 2018 I worked with the C-suite to shape an Internet of Things proposition and client offerings, working alongside multiple business units within the firm to align proposals and structure internal approach for future engagements.

I have completed an agile review for a client’s team, that has then been standardised to align to DMW offerings for future clients.

I have stood up PMO services for a global programme that had previously no governance and standardisation and worked with the client to align these services with the changing organisation ways of working.

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