Eylem Irice



  • Technical Business Analysis
  • >  Designing Data Solutions 
  • Producing Data Visualisations


I joined DMW in 2017 after spending 3 years in the industry taking on different business and technical roles. Prior to DMW I studied a Masters in Database Systems from University of Westminster, where I learnt about data modelling, database programming and data warehousing concepts! I also enjoy applying my analytical skills to problem solving. 

Outside of work I spend most of my time learning French and exercising. 


Having closely worked with people in both business and technical roles, I really enjoy acting as a bridge between the two using my analytical skills.  

I have built a lot of experience around starting off with a vague requirement, producing a solution design with the further defined requirements, and delivering a technical solution to help answer business needs. My experience in business analysis, database programming, data visualisations and project management help me deliver value to the clients I worked with.

Career Highlights

For one of DMW’s clients, I processed and visualised clients infrastructure data. This enabled the client to understand the current state of their complex infrastructure from various angles and under different categorisations. The dashboards I created not only helped people in different roles understand the current state in an easily consumable format, but also enabled the client to make strategic decisions on their journey to their target operating model. 

This was a great experience as by using data, I helped the client understand where they were at the beginning of their digital transformation journey and how to best get to their target state. 


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