Emily Richter

Emily Richter-1

Managing Consultant


  • > Optimising business processes
  • > Designing and embedding change
  • > Up-skilling clients in change management
  • > Delivering operational excellence
  • > Driving business transformation
  • > Agile delivery


I joined DMW in May 2019 after 3 years at PA Consulting. During this time, I was promoted to Principal Consultant in the Operational Excellent practice.

Prior to PA Consulting, I worked at Capita Consulting. I studied a BSc in International Management & French at The University of Bath and spent my third year living in Paris, where I worked for Thales Air Systems.

I enjoy working in Management Consulting because of the work variety. My personal highlights include working in Higher Education, banks and the travel industry.

Outside of work, I unwind by going to the gym, cycling and playing the piano.


My management background has allowed me to define and solve client problems, helping to add value to their transformation programmes.

I am very proactive and always strive to find creative ways to solve problems, typically around improving efficiency, and presenting back options in a clear and digestible manner. This allows me to demonstrate early progress and value to the client.

I enjoy assisting clients with change programmes, be this designing the change upfront or embedding it within the organisation. The People aspect is the fun part of my work and helping staff to accept and prepare for the imminent change is key.

Career Highlights

I worked at The University of Cambridge, where I supported them in designing a change programme that involved the Research Office. When we arrived, staff were visibly unhappy with the news that funding had been approved to expand the Research Office. Staff were fearful for the impact this would have on their jobs.

Over 3-months, I built a rapport with staff, listening to and addressing their concerns and helping them to understand the boundaries between the proposed roles and existing function. Towards the end, staff didn’t want us to leave, reinforcing the importance of listening to staff and making them feel part of the change.

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