Chris Lewis

Engineering Director

  • > Leading software engineering programmes
  • > Engineering cloud-native systems
  • > Promoting continuous delivery
  • > Driving automated testing improvement
  • > Embedding secure development practices
  • > Implementing Site Reliability Engineering


I caught the technology bug early on. As a teenager I ran two internet start-ups and spent my childhood locking OSes down, scripting everything and gently reminding people not to run IRC bouncers.

After collecting a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of York, I worked for PA Consulting as a developer and architect before joining DMW in 2014. Much of my work has been for high-security use cases, and I maintain a passionate interest in security engineering.

Away from the keyboard I enjoy cycling up big mountains, skiing and snowboarding down them, and flying drones.


I lead DMW’s engineering practice, and in that capacity my job is to ensure our engineers have everything they need to solve our clients’ toughest software engineering challenges.

I am one of DMW’s experts in building cloud-native systems, and have experience building large-scale microservices architectures in the public cloud, in both senior infrastructure and application engineering roles.

I am a strong proponent of iterative, test-driven software development and work with clients to help them embrace continuous delivery practices so they can release secure, reliable software to production many times a day.

Career Highlights

My most recent engagement has been as infrastructure and security engineering lead for a retail challenger bank, responsible for the entire platform strategy centred around Kubernetes on AWS.

In the past I’ve been a software developer for a military software-defined radio system; architect and lead developer for an asynchronous media content processing solution; and architect for a multi-agency identity and access management solution.

One of my favourite career highlights is helping to set up the physical production line for a communications device I worked on, and seeing the very first finished devices roll off the line.

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