Ben Fletcher



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  • > Building quality software
  • > DevOps development
  • > Engineering best practices
  • > CI/CD development
  • > Open source engineering



I joined DMW in 2019 following 5 years as a consultant engineer with Capgemini, during which I completed my degree in Computer Science with Aston University alongside work.

I have always been fascinated with how things worked and often was found deconstructing things around the house - much to my parents’ annoyance!

Software engineering provides an excellent outlet for my curiosity, allowing me to de- (and re-) construct things to my heart’s content!

Outside of work I can usually be found halfway up a rock face, attached to a rope in pursuit of amazing views that climbing provides.


Drawing from my extensive experience developing applications (specifically those centred around data) for high profile clients within Capgemini, I apply myself to all kinds of technical challenges which are presented to me. From APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) automatically creating on demand AWS (Amazon Web Services cloud computing) clusters for 100’s of users, to a custom-built graph application using unique client data serving upwards of a thousand analysts, I enjoy expanding and broadening my skillset.

Through my continued development, I am able to serve clients more thoroughly and help them reach and exceed their goals. Currently I am deepening my ops and infrastructure skills.

Career Highlights

Working in a team of engineers for a social networking client, I built a custom graphing application which leveraged 100’s of TBs (terabytes) of data into a network which allowed the analysis of engagement with the platform. Serving upwards of a thousand analysts day-to-day, we enabled the increase of business-lead discoveries by up to 10-fold and could answer in-depth questions around how users interacted with the platform and each other. Building a complex graphing and graph analysis tool was a colossal task and I feel deeply proud that our team was able to overcome the challenge and analysts are able to accelerate their work.

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