Aga Kaczmarek

Managing Consultant


  • > Agile Coaching
  • > Scrum Master
  • > Agile & Lean Practitioner
  • > Digital Transformation
  • > Change management
  • > Project & Product Management


I joined DMW from another consulting firm in January 2020, though I started my career as a biomedical scientist. After completing a PhD in Belgium, I moved to the UK to do research into lung diseases for a pharmaceuticals company. There I got involved in a big scale workspace reorganisation project which sparked my interest in lean, change management and continuous improvement and eventually brought me to Agile business transformation in the consulting world.

I enjoy spending time outdoors and any form of fitness. I have been practicing Capoeira for over a decade and more recently I qualified to teach fitness classes.


Having a scientific background, I am very investigative and have a natural tendency to look for pragmatic and efficient solutions to problems. I put on my creative hat to engage with teams and understand how to improve their performance and adapt Agile/ lean ways of working. I am observant and a focused listener. These skills allow me to help clients clarify business problems, goals and values. I share my knowledge and expertise by teaching, coaching and mentoring teams to promote mindset shift.

Career Highlights

Looking back on my career, some events were pivotal in taking me where I am today and shaped my personality. One of them is achieving a PhD in biomedical sciences and getting a job in a pharmaceutical company which provided me with many opportunities to learn new skills and, paradoxically, allowed me to expand my career beyond science. This led me to the consulting world where I utilise expertise and a variety of skills to solve problems and help clients on their transformation journey. I wouldn’t be where I am without help from several powerful women who mentored and coached me over the years to get the best out of myself.

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