Digital Acceleration

Staying one step ahead of the competition is becoming increasingly challenging with many companies struggling to adapt to the pace of change in today’s digital workplace. Whether this is moving to two-speed IT to provide innovative and agile technology delivery whilst continuing to operate legacy systems, or ensuring that employees have the latest productivity tools available, we can embed digital agility in your organisation. 

With extensive experience of introducing DevOps techniques, helping you take a ‘product’ rather than ‘project’ view of your application estate, or deploying productivity tools globally, we can ensure that you are leaders, not laggards, in the digital race.

The Digital Workplace

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87% of CIOs believe that digitally empowering their employees could help drive a 5% revenue increase over 3 years.*

Companies with the digital culture and capability to change direction quickly will win in today’s ever-changing world of digital natives. Many organisations are adopting Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, often as part of Windows 10 desktop refresh activities. However, these initiatives need careful planning to deliver the desired benefits within acceptable timeframes. Particularly when approaching this at global scale, experience and integrity are key – the very nature of these applications mean that failure is felt acutely throughout your organisation. DMW creates and executes global roll-outs of these technologies with anapproach that focuses on:

  • building comprehensive dependency management with related initiatives (network and application upgrades)
  • recognising the challenges of operating in countries with a specific regulatory perspective, particularly related to data privacy and encryption
  • understanding the need for unique, in-country procurement approaches for both hardware and Office 365 licences
  • speedy and controlled migration using our EIDER application migration platform to schedule and track waves of migration activity.

We have defined, led and delivered a significant number of large and complex programmes for desktop upgrades across a variety of industries, from global oil majors to insurance intermediaries. Through this we have generated unparalleled insights to ensure that your migration achieves the desired adoption and business benefits.

*read more in this article highlighting a recent report surveying over 2,000 CIOs on the Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce 

Digital workplace

Digital Agility

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86% of senior decision makers believe they have 2 years to integrate digital initiatives before suffering financially or falling behind competitors.*

Businesses are becoming increasingly demanding of IT – new ways of working, pace of delivery and new business models are all challenging the status-quo. But delivering IT with digital agility requires tenacity to bring new ways of working. Gone are the days of software developers following the waterfall SDLC process and silos of delivery and operations teams. IT functions are now charged with implementating new technologies and organisational culture changes in parallel with integrating, or phasing out, legacy systems and processes.

DMW apply a pragmatic approach to programme management with a technical lens to help deliver change with the speed, agility and quality that our clients’ businesses demand. We’ve done this with major global organisations by introducing DevOps techniques alongside legacy processes, starting with small-scale pilots and building to enterprise scale capability. We bring with us tried and tested agile playbooks, governance approaches and our template for DevOps pipelines (using technologies such as Jenkins, Gerkin, Cucumber and Jira) to accelerate implementation.

We recognise that digital agility is as much a cultural as a technology and process problem; our people have both the IQ and the EQ to help implement change programmes smoothly to achieve genuinely innovative and agile delivery alongside existing ways-of-working.

*according to a recent survey of 700 influential decision makers

Digital agility

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