Data Enablement

Knowing that you have data coming out of your ears, but you aren’t exploiting it, can be hugely frustrating. With rapid data enablement, we can help you navigate the bewildering array of tools, platforms, and technologies available, to help solve your complex problems.

We have built data analytics capabilities at scale – ingesting and unlocking petabytes of data for analysis whilst delivering iterative capability to the users – providing real-time customer insight in a matter of weeks. Our experience in enabling data services for Oil, Gas & Utilities clients and our innovative trader surveillance in Financial Services, demonstrate some great examples of how through data exploitation, we can help you better understand your threats, your customers, and your costs, to transform your business.


Rapid Data Enablement

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Exploiting data is critical to remaining ahead of the competition, however it can feel like trying to find the needle in a haystack. We assess the quality and accessibility of your data sources, rapidly and without significant investment in monolithic infrastructure platforms, to build a business case that solves gnarly challenges with minimum disruption.

We analyse the quality of your data and qualify next steps for data improvements by combining leading open data sources with your data in our cloud-based data prototyping environment. By setting out a roadmap in line with your strategic business priorities, we help liberate your trapped data. Then we establish your new norm for an organisational culture that values quality assurance processes, to help you cope with the ever-increasing data generated as your business continues to evolve.  

Our approach enables businesses to take control of their own data and decisions, rather than outsourcing insight. To help you make the most of what you already have, we bring rigorous analysis to our iterative data assessments as well as first class communicators. This combination means we can credibly engage with stakeholders to qualify pain points and find ways to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of the data sources central to your business operations.

Analytics Capability Enablement

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More than half of all analytics projects fail because they aren’t completed within budget, on schedule, or they fail to deliver optimistically agreed benefits. We often join forces with a client when they are well into their own journey of data enablement but are facing unexpected hurdles such as customer digital programmes struggling to embed credible analytics into apps, or a marketing team who don’t trust recommendations from data scientists who invest in complexity over credibility.

We help you develop  your data, analytics and services sustainably, while addressing the business and technical success factors that differentiate your challenges from traditional DevOps and Business Intelligence (BI) delivery. Then we work with you to help implement a business-owned delivery framework that focuses on how existing data and analytics projects will achieve their desired goals; help you stop what isn’t working, accelerate what is, and set out a roadmap for developing the data capability your business needs to thrive. Throughout this process we provide the programme leadership and technical expertise to support successful evolution of your business and IT capabilities against this roadmap, with cost optimisation at its core.

Data Services for Oil, Gas & Utilities

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Today’s energy market is unrecognisable to that of five years ago, with increasing customer expectations, the demands on natural resources and cost pressures creating an increasingly competitive environment. Energy operators are seeking ways to capitalise on their data to better service their customers and outshine the competition to reduce customer churn. A prime example is Utility providers who are keen to leverage the massive amounts of data captured from smart meters to generate insights on customer behaviour that can help drive new products and offers. However, generating these insights requires agile and innovative data capabilities.

We help you build and grow sustainable data services that provide the right content and analysis to enhance a customer’s experience. We accelerate the assessment, testing and deployment stages of bringing new products or applications to market. Our delivery approach ensures your data teams and end-users influence the operational design, solution and outcomes to deliver tangible results from your data analysis.

DMW has built and run data services solutions at scale at FTSE 100 Oil & Gas and Utilities clients, representing hundreds of systems and for thousands of active consumers, developers and product creators. We help you understand what technology and expertise is necessary to achieve your business goals, growing solutions sustainably through continuous integration and cutting any needless expense.

Trader Surveillance

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Trader Surveillance is increasingly on the radar of organisations beyond the financial services industry, however the common approach takes a ‘stove-piped’ view of trader activity and casts a wide net based on imprecise detection models. This leads to a high proportion of false positive alerts, which in turn requires significant resource to process and makes improving coverage a major challenge.  What’s more, this approach does not fully mitigate the risk, and yet leaves little room for other controls.

We are helping clients move beyond the blunt instrument of alerts to adopt an investigative, intelligence-led approach – placing a trader’s behaviour in context, achieved through cross-channel, cutting-edge analysis that’s embedded deep into the organisation.

The results with several of our UK bank clients are showing that with the right skills and capabilities to execute true investigative tradecraft, they can operate with renewed confidence in their approach to risk and address concerns before they spiral out of control.

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