Innovative businesses are embracing cloud technologies but without a clear cloud strategy and architecture, cloud initiatives can fall short of the promised land. Having managed over £1bn of cloud projects and migrated over 250,000 workloads to the cloud in the last 5 years, we’re confident that wherever you are on your cloud journey, we can make your cloud migration and delivery a success.

We address cloud cost optimisation using a combination of our proprietary tools and third-party infrastructure analysis tools, and our proven approach typically saves our clients up to 30% on their cloud spend. Read on to learn more about how our certified professionals can accelerate your cloud transformation.

Cloud Migration & Delivery

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In the past 5 years we have successfully migrated over 250,000 workloads to the Cloud. 

Deploying your infrastructure is actually the easy part; moving your applications quickly and effectively is the real challenge. Having migrated over 250,000 workloads to the cloud over the last 5 years, and for estates of up to 50,000 servers, we bring genuine insight to making your cloud initiatives successful. You will need to overcome common cloud delivery challenges such as achieving fast and repeatable deployments, and implementing organisational change alongside rigorous performance and security testing. You also need to understand the web of interdependent applications and infrastructure components that underpin your existing estate.

Critical to the success of your cloud transformation is controlling and reporting on your migration. To do this, we have developed ‘Eider’, our complete migration management solution. It consists of a single source of the truth where all data is centrally maintained. Plans can be created in the system and when changes inevitably occur during migration, Eider eases the burden of tracking and management by allowing users to easily track migrations, configuration items and business services centrally. Its automated reporting also ensures that key stakeholders are aware of progress and upcoming work.

Cloud benefits are there for the taking, but are only achieved through well-defined and executed programmes. 


Cloud Strategy & Architecture

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We have architected over £1bn worth of cloud transformation.

Navigating through a growing myriad of complex options to transform your business onto the cloud is often a long and difficult journey. We have architected over £1bn worth of cloud transformations for our clients, developing realistic business cases to achieve goals ranging from agility and scalability, to cost reduction, to capitalising on new technologies.

Your cloud journey starts with a strategy: what are you hoping to achieve with cloud computing and why? Understanding the dynamics of your existing estate will help inform this. But just as important is understanding the organisational culture and capabilities; we find making changes here is as important as the technical choices you make to create a successful operating model.

You can then develop the right architecture, typically blending multi-vendor cloud solutions with your legacy on-premise infrastructure to optimise your estate. Recommending private hosting for some applications may seem challenging, but could be the right answer. Our cloud assessment decision tree, developed over a number of engagements, helps our clients quickly map out their best route.

And finally we can help you create the roadmap of migrations to effectively navigate the complex building blocks of the cloud jigsaw. We have decades of experience in complex programme delivery whichhelps us to put these 3 elements – strategy, architecture and roadmaps – seamlessly together.

Roadmap Direction

Cloud Cost Optimisation

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Typically we save our clients 30% on their cloud spend.

By optimising existing cloud deployments, we typically save our clients 30% on their cloud spend. Most businesses are paying 10-30% more on cloud computing than they need to; UK Business Insider reported that globally this equates to $62 billion which could be saved through smarter cloud configuration and choices. These costs are often increasing cloud operational expenditure (OpEx), where exit strategies on traditional data centres, different system requirements and upgrade cycles mean that the expected savings are not as quick to realise as the original promise.

At DMW we have successfully managed over £1bn of cloud projects in the last 5 years, meaning we really do understand the need to engineer applications before they are migrated and appreciate the huge amount of effort needed to move legacy applications in a logical order. A current cloud transformation project moving over 500 application instances from traditional data centres to the cloud, with minimum business disruption and balancing the costs of a two-tier transition to maximise savings.

We provide deep knowledge of cloud solutions with certified professionals across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), while remaining completely vendor-neutral. This gives us tremendous insight in to the costs of cloud computing.  


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