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We asked Engineer Nicholas Griffiths why he chose to join DMW to further his engineering career.

What attracted you to DMW?

A friend of mine had worked here for years and spoke highly of the culture. Through him, I’d already met a few other DMW folks. When he told me DMW had recently created an Engineering capability and were looking for people, I thought it would be a great opportunity.

What’s an average day at DMW for you?

Recently, my client work has been assessing the quality of code deliverables for a large organisation’s cloud transformation. So my daily routine would be reviewing code, writing code to prototype new ideas, and sharing ideas with colleagues in other companies. Towards the end of the week, I’ll typically be involved with DMW’s internal projects or taking some time to study for a certification.

What’s your favourite thing about working for DMW?

I enjoy having a great community of people to talk to with whom I can bounce ideas back and forth. Even when we’re working on different client projects, we have a Slack workspace in which to chat, share thoughts and ideas. On Fridays, there will often be a group of engineers and technical consultants sitting together in a DMW office where we can work closely on internal projects and go to lunch together, which helps build camaraderie.

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer?

They are all very welcome, but I particularly like being able to buy extra holiday.

How has DMW helped you grow in your professional career?

Being encouraged to take on internal projects and training has helped push me to focus on work that I find interesting and benefits the company.

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