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We asked Consultant Aflal Asker why he chose to join DMW to further his technical career.

What attracted you to DMW?

During my final year at University, I decided to work at a consultancy firm after graduation and started shortlisting the organisations that I found attractive. Out of the few consultancies I shortlisted, DMW stood out the most. There were many positive reviews shared by former DMW consultants and all the information presented on their website made it seem like the sort of place I would enjoy working. By the time my last interview with the firm was over, I was really keen and excited to start my career at DMW. 

What’s an average day at DMW for you?

There is nothing like an average day at DMW. Every day is filled with exciting challenges, with client work always taking priority. Typically, a day at DMW involves a variety of activities such as meetings, presentations, communicating with client stakeholders, personal training, and internal events.  

What’s your favourite thing about working for DMW?

The people. Everyone at DMW is very friendly, intelligent, and enthusiastic about technology and the work they do.

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer?

There are two benefits that I enjoy the most out of the many offered by DMW: the training and personal devices budget. Personally, I have spent my training budget towards purchasing professional training resources and covering the cost of my certifications, and the personal devices budget towards a laptop, phone and a headset. 

How has DMW helped you grow in your professional career?

I am assigned to an Appraiser who is far more experienced than me. He has provided me with valuable advice and guidance, allowing me to make wiser decisions and progress quickly within the firm.

DMW has also shown an active interest in allowing me to work on client projects that align with my objectives. This allows me to accelerate my learning and achieve my objectives. 

This, paired with all the valuable conversations with my colleagues and all the training and certifications opportunities, has boosted my learning and empowered me to build my professional career.  

How does DMW motivate you to give your best?

I have always been a motivated person but having interesting projects and energetic peers around does help keep momentum. The projects that I have worked on so far have been remarkably interesting and intellectually challenging.

In addition, working on projects with my colleagues is an enjoyable experience; they are enthusiastic about technology, they help and support each other, and they bring out the best in one another. 

DMW also actively recognises and awards people for their amazing work in the monthly meetings. How could all this not be motivating? 


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