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Infrastructure on demand

Owning your own data centre may be going out of fashion!

For some time now small and medium sized enterprises have utilised outsourced data centre services to give them the kind of robust, resilient and multi-sited infrastructure that would be prohibitively expensive if they were to provide it for themselves.

The latest generation of infrastructure service providers in the cloud have upped the ante, offering managed infrastructure with a broader value proposition that may make larger companies think twice about their own data centres.

Companies such as GSK are taking advantage of Infrastructure As A Service offerings to allow them to rapidly expand their compute capacity for specific simulations or projects, without incurring the overhead of maintaining latent capacity.

But why not go further and run your main Corporate applications in the cloud and minimise the amount of valuable capex and revex tied up in IT infrastructure rather than in front line business services? Additional benefits include a much reduced carbon footprint, and the avoidance of regular infrastructure refresh costs – they’re all part of the service!

Some may be concerned about the security of their data, while others worry about the service levels that can be guaranteed, but the major vendors are bullish about the ability to address both concerns, either through Virtual Private Clouds, or through robust segregation technologies.

With some Infrastructure on Demand providers claiming annual growth currently exceeding 20% it’s clear that many are dipping their toes into the cloud, but perhaps the time is approaching when having your own data centre will be considered quite passé!