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Happy Independents’ Day

The DMW Group is a British company so you won’t often find us celebrating American holidays but the 4th of July is different.  A day that celebrates independence resonates with us.  We’re strong believers in the value of independence. We recognise there’s a degree of irony to a team of independent consultants proclaiming its benefits, but humour us on this topic and it’s the last piece of biased advice you’ll get.

With the technology landscape moving as fast as ever, we believe that independent advice is now even more valuable.  As CIOs, CTOs, technology and programme managers you are faced with a wide range of choices in complex technologies.  They present potential benefits to your organisation but harnessing that potential isn’t easy.  From big data to tablet computers, cloud services to apps, cyber security to open data initiatives it’s an exciting time for those of us working in technology.  However it’s often daunting to look at a new technology and get an accurate view of its value.  Ask a cloud vendor about cloud services and don’t be surprised to get a ringing endorsement.  Ask an independent about it and you’re more likely to get a balanced and honest view.

This is particularly important in the current economic climate where your investment decisions are being scrutinised more closely than ever.  Having a realistic, honest view of a technology’s strengths and weaknesses is essential to any investment in that technology.  DMW strongly recommend you look beyond the latest industry buzz and the glossy sales brochures to get that honest view.  Research the technology through as many channels as possible, gathering as much independent evidence as you can.  If you have questions ask an independent advisor who you can trust to provide honest advice that’s in your best interests.  Doing this will ensure you make the right choices.

So rather than celebrating an act of independence, today feels like a reasonable day to value the benefits of the advice from independents….Happy Independents’ Day!