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Following the buzz, without breaking the hive…

In 2015 we have seen a number of large companies acquiring design firms, hiring senior UX specialists and developing UX strategies. Indeed, UX (User Experience) has become a bit of a buzzword, along with “Customer Experience (CX)”, “User Journey”, “Personas”, and so on… So why the buzz and what do companies need to take into consideration?

Businesses are recognising the importance of a holistic end to end customer experience (of which UX is a key component) in attracting and retaining customers and in presenting their image to the outside world. Therefore, many are attempting to adopt and roll out “design thinking” across all their core functions.

But how can you ensure that you adopt the right UX strategy; maintaining your company’s brand whilst also innovating and yet developing solutions that do not cost an “arm and a leg”?”

Having the right design team in place (whether this comes from acquisition, hiring internally, or obtaining external expert advice) is clearly vital! But so too is ensuring that the wider IT function of your business is on-board – it is crucial that the existing technology in place can support (or be built upon) to drive the implementation of a well-defined user experience strategy and design. No matter how snazzy the design, if it cannot be successfully integrated with the existing (or enhanced) technology stack then it is likely to fail. Furthermore, you may need to adopt a new delivery approach; moving towards a more iterative / agile mindset where the business has to work much more closely with the IT team rather than through a Business Analyst as they might do currently.

Therefore, as your business brings UX to the forefront of what differentiates your products and services, you also need to consider your end-to-end technology development and your delivery methodology in order to allow strategies to be implemented in an efficient, scalable and successful manner.