Pragmatic, production-ready engineering without compromise 

DMW Engineering combines outstanding hands-on software and platform engineering with DMW’s 30-year reputation for exceptional technical delivery leadership.

Accelerating delivery from day one

Our teams deliver high-quality, production-grade solutions to our clients’ complex problems from day one, driven by passionate engineers who are given time to innovate and keep their skills sharp.

Our engineers have a broad range of expertise, with specialisms that have helped launch apps from scratch for major UK brands as well as create real-time data platforms that allow them to gain real-time insights.

Why we're trusted

Obsessive about production
Obsessive about production

We work with clients to shape, deliver and scale production-quality products, getting them to market and into customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

Committed to innovation

We ensure our engineers have time to innovate and stay sharp so that our clients get genuinely outstanding and differentiating results.

pragmatic challenge
Pragmatic approach

We take problem-solving in our stride and collaborate with our clients to find practical, deliverable solutions - whatever the challenge.

Committed to continuous delivery

We give our clients solid foundations for continuous delivery, sharing our own experience and accelerators when creating secure, reliable and scalable production systems.

Extract value from data

We create and embed data platforms, pipelines and DataOps operating models to enable our clients to make the most of their data assets.

The key to our success is our people

When organisations choose to partner with us, they’re drawn to our people.

We recruit the highest calibre of consultant who demonstrate a high EQ as well as the prerequisite IQ.

Clients tell us that they value traits in our people such as the tenacity to tackle tricky challenges and the pragmatism to deliver the best practical solution for real world organisations.

We foster a collaborative working environment to maintain the focus on integrity as our ranks grow.


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Why we succeed:

  • > Actively encourage autonomous learning with personal £2000 budget

  • > 90% of our consultants are qualified in either cloud, data or digital

  • > Pragmatic approach to delivery 

  • > Access to cutting edge technology

At DMW Engineering, quality means doing it right when no one is looking. Our philosophy is to embed quality and pragmatism in every aspect of the software engineering process, from the people we hire to the tools we use.


Chris Lewis


Engineering Function

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