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DMW in the community

DMW Consultant Clare Pryor attended the recent Technopop event held in London, an event that encourages 6 to 19 year olds to get excited by technology and science. Open to schools and general public, on the day Clare attended over 3000 school children were there. Clare provided career guidance to a large group of 15 year olds about the opportunities a career in IT holds, as well as more focused speed mentoring for groups of girls about their study/career choices.

Clare commented “It’s very re-energizing to engage with schoolchildren who have a real zest for life and a curiosity that we as adults tend to suppress. Hopefully I was able to dish out some words of wisdom plus a few work related anecdotes. None of the children guessed what my photo of a Sinclair Zx81 actually was which is a sign of the times – and my age!”.

This is another example of DMW’s commitment to CSR within our local community. See our About Us page for other examples of our work in this space.