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DevOps – not just for start-ups


You want to deliver faster, more reliably, and more predictably. You want to innovate in your IT, but you want control as well. You want your support team to be happy. And you need to lower costs.

DevOps is more than a set of tools and technologies, where today’s bleeding edge is tomorrow’s obsolescence. It is more than the latest delivery methodology, tarnished by the latest failed programmes.

DevOps is a delivery culture. One that embraces collaboration, automation and quality. It has to work in the real world, where the field isn’t all green and where change can’t be instant. You are not more ‘DevOpsy’ just because you have an open-source, continuously-integrated, cloud-based, containerised, micro-service architecture delivered by scrum teams. A DevOps culture drives your technology and tool choices, not the other way around.

A strong DevOps strategy means having a clear vision for how you want to deliver and the shared practices you want to inculcate. It means understanding the gap between how you deliver now and how you want to in future. Planning this shift can seem daunting, especially when an offshore model seems like the financial panacea or when you have umpteen teams with different working practices. But it can be done, you just need the right people, empowered by the right tools and technologies.