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Death by status report

As someone who has worked both sides of the fence when it comes to Project Management and PMO/Portfolio management I don’t feel guilty about berating the merits of the status report as a means of managing a programme of activity. When the process is good, the programme hums with information flowing up and down the chain, decisions being made in a timely fashion and all the cogs in the delivery machine working well.

However how often have you been asked to produce a status update with no clear view of where the information goes, who looks at it and for what purpose? Too frequently I bet.

Reporting of status should be there to deliver value. The amount of time we invest in producing it should be proportionate to the relative importance of the information. A good status report should inform those who need to know what is going on at a level of detail appropriate to their role and to escalate actions up the chain of command. Those being asked to report status should be clear on the purpose and audience for what is being requested and organisations should be clear on the value they are deriving from integrated project management solutions.

We have extensive experience of working on delivery programmes of all shapes and sizes – we can support you in setting up appropriate governance and reporting structures that will add value as opposed to being yet another to-do item for a PM mechanically going through the motions.