Data driven transformation 

Helping an organisation harness the power of their data is at the top of most of our client’s wish lists.

We deliver the strategy, the platform and the analytics, enabling them to navigate the modern business world as a data empowered organisation.

We also understand the importance of embedding data in a business and can drive this cultural change at all levels of the organisation.

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Why we're trusted

Data analytics at scale
Data Analytics at Scale

We help our clients to rise above the feeling of over-saturation from data volumes by using data effectively to drive macro strategy, policy and micro interventions.

Enterprise Grade Data Analytics
Enterprise Grade Data Analytics

We have helped countless clients deliver data platforms in an enterprise environment, with all its associated complexity.

Business Focused Data Delivery
Business Focused Data Delivery

A relentless focus on Business outcomes ensures the platform, data and analytics are fit for purpose and deliver the required business benefits.

Rapid data enablement
Rapid Data Enablement

We can rapidly enable integration with our clients’ supply chain once an organisation makes sense of the data they have.

Data-Led Risk Transformation
Data-Led Risk Transformation

Our approach to combating financial crime with integrated data inputs is proven to stifle market abuse more effectively than traditional trader surveillance via alerts and ‘false positives.’

Empowerment via Data 

We drive our clients towards becoming a data driven organisation where people are empowered to get the insight they need to make the right decisions.

We help our clients access and make sense of their data, transforming the way their businesses operate. Delivering data analytics at scale can be a complex, gnarly process, but our teams thrive on distilling and delivering the best solution for every client.


Marius Rubin

Chief Technology Officer

DMW Group


In the ever-evolving world of data analytics, we are passionate about delivering to our clients the right combination of technology platforms, data,  analytics and people to meet their business needs and enable them to become a data driven organisation. 


Tom Smith

Data Lead

DMW Group

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