Design Authority for a new data centre for Credit Suisse

Data Centre Design

DMW performed several key roles on a project to establish state-of-the-art data centres in the UK and USA, consolidating existing facilities and addressing space and power constraints and regulatory requirements.

One of DMW’s roles was the lead design and delivery architect responsible for the overall design of the new IT systems

The company took the opportunity to upgrade its IT infrastructure to the latest server OS, database, storage and network technologies.  DMW provided technical advice to support the choice of new technologies, providing an impact analysis of each option and supporting the business case for the preferred choice.

A key driver for the project was server consolidation.  DMW helped the client analyse the degree of consolidation possible with virtualisation technologies, taking into account business and infrastructure constraints.

Network Procurement

DMW led the project that enabled Credit Suisse to reduce its wide area networking costs by over $1m per month whilst increasing the bandwidth by a factor of 10

Core services