Transforming a major luxury fashion retailer's global network programme

Key challenges
  • > Lack of end to end co-ordination

    > Repeat issues impacting stakeholder confidence

    > Technical issues affecting customer experience

Key outcomes
  • > Increase of transformations from 3 to 15 per week

    > First time success rising from 25% to 90%

    > Stakeholder confidence restored

    > Improved store and customer experience


The challenge

> A well-known luxury brand needed to transform their network solution across their global sites. This included 450+ retail stores, head offices, production facilities, warehouses and data centres. The roll-out of this standardised network would drive improved performance, higher security standards, increased cost efficiency and shift the support model to a third party managed service.

> We were brought in when the Programme faced major issues with its overall delivery, with successful implementations across client stores severely lacking. The lack of progress and no visible end-to-end schedule resulted in disenfranchised stakeholders.

> A multitude of complex sites required new implementation approaches, and this required well-managed planning and delivery from start to finish.


How we helped

> We worked on providing immediate transparency of the Programme’s progress and blockers, allowing senior stakeholders access to information they needed to react effectively.


> We discovered that the first phase of transformations failed due to site coordination and planning challenges. We prioritised their resolution, which enabled the wider delivery schedule to be rapidly progressed.


> We re-planned the rollout schedule to enable all dependencies to be managed, and this tracking was key to enabling a successful delivery. Our consultants provided technical assurance to make sure cutover plans were correct and took ownership of defining the implementation approaches for complex sites.

> DMW also provided technical support during store transformations, helping the client overcome configuration issues with specific component solutions.

> We actively project managed the delivery across various global regions, which entailed working with and managing external partners, vendors, suppliers, and internal client teams. This was necessary to plan and execute all the activities leading up to a store transformation.


The results

> DMW created a realistic implementation schedule that the wider team could deliver against. This allowed for more accurate forecasting of timescales, restoring trust with senior stakeholders.  


> We accelerated store transformations from three per week to a maximum of 15 per week, significantly increasing the speed of the Programme. Plus, our solution to the recurring technology issues that they had experienced reduced the failure rate of store implementations from 75% to 10%. We also streamlined the transformation process by creating scripts and documentation to aid user acceptance testing.  


> Finally, we upskilled the company’s internal BAU operational teams to ensure a smooth handover of project activities.