Pivoting a major retail bank to a brand new banking platform on Google Cloud

Key challenges
  • > Enterprise-level scale & complexity of programme
    > Cloud architecture and engineering expertise lacking
    > Time management and delivery support needed
    > Early proof points essential for Executive confidence
Key outcomes
  • > Accelerated delivery of secure, scalable cloud platform within 3 months & a customer MVP within 9 months
    > New ways of working embedded & output quality assured
    > Early confidence from Executives unlocked future funding

the challenge

The challenge

> A FTSE 100 retail bank faced rising costs of change and a lack of agility in servicing their 21st century customers.

> A complex programme was initiated to build a new, secure and scalable banking platform capable of servicing the bank’s customers in a modern era, beginning with a migration of 250,000 customers.

> Google Cloud was chosen as the target platform to build their new digital bank, leveraging Google’s data and AI capabilities.

> Transitioning from legacy ways of working and processes was a challenge in such a large organisation.

> Support was needed in establishing confidence in delivery whilst embarking on an ambitious, innovative programme.

how we helped

How we helped

> Our journey began working closely with Google and the bank to develop the business case and cloud consumption model.


> We defined the high-level solution architecture and drove initial programme planning and prioritisation, ensuring the programme was mobilized on strong foundations.

> As a trusted, independent delivery partner, we filled key programme delivery roles leading diverse, multi-supplier teams.

> DMW provided cloud architecture expertise to advise on strategic design decisions, drove architectural best practice and led the Chief Technology Office function across the programme.

> DMW led the Platform Engineering delivery workstream to launch the foundational GCP platform within 3 months.

> Our Engineering function provided a quality assurance layer to drive continuous improvement and developer best practice to help maximise the potential of the dev teams.

the results

The results

> It took just 3 months from programme mobilisation to launch a bootstrapped live beta Google Cloud Platform, a key early proof point providing the confidence to proceed to the next stage of funding.


> We successfully navigated considerable challenges to launch a customer MVP within 9 months.


> We transformed the organisation’s approach to software delivery, embedding continuous improvement processes and a mindset of embracing change, which we have seen take root more widely in the organisation.