Large scale infrastructure transition for M&S

DMW ‘s work at Marks and Spencer (M&S) has covered a series of major systems programmes.

The project has included:

  • The launch of the “&More” credit card and loyalty scheme, taking particular responsibility for introducing new services into live running, including card processing and a virtual call centre system hosted at three sites using network based IVR (interactive voice response) facilities and VoIP (Voice over IP) links to the offshore call centres.
  • The design of new infrastructure support arrangements for services in M&S’s new head office, including VoIP and IPTV, LAN and wireless LAN infrastructure, and access for remote users. The IP based voice systems provided hot-desking for 4,000 users across 3 sites, and included voice mail, ACD/call centre management services, and interactive voice response based directory enquiries
  • The replacement of the systems management infrastructure used to manage alerts from M&S’s IT systems at store and warehouse locations throughout the UK 24*7
  • The transition from M&S of all financial services IT systems following the sale of its financial services subsidiary to HSBC
  • The replacement of the helpdesk system used to support M&S’s IT infrastructure and application services
  • A major review of M&S’s IT systems in preparation for peak trading
  • Technical architecture work on the stores refresh programme to upgrade and replace M&S’s store infrastructure and systems

Core services