Europe’s largest network transition of its kind for NHS Digital

Key challenges
  • > Migration of approximately 14,500 services that connected 1,200 organisations to the UK health network

  • > Creation of a marketplace of competitive TelCo providers generating value for money for the UK taxpayer

Key outcomes
  • > Achieved target 35% cost savings on like-for-like services for NHS

  • > Renegotiated transitional assistance services, saving approximately £5m for the client

  • > Migrated 1,200 organisations to replacement network services

DMW’s hands-on technical, analysis and programme management expertise has been invaluable in designing and mobilising the delivery of the health and social care network, a major public-sector infrastructure programme with a national reach.


Programme Director

NHS Digital

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The challenge

> DMW Group were selected by NHS Digital to be their partner for Europe’s (and possibly the world's) largest Wide Area Network (WAN) transition of its kind: the migration of approximately 14,500 WAN services from a centrally managed, legacy network to a new disaggregated, multi-supplier marketplace.

> The programme was enormous in scale and ambition. We had to help create a marketplace of competitive TelCo service providers, deliver central services that would provide integrated and secure services, lead the procurement and replacement of access connectivity for approximately 13,000 sites across England and support the migration to them.


How we helped

> DMW defined the approach and strategy to be followed by the programme to enable end users to understand and buy replacement services.

> We then worked with end customers and their new suppliers (17 active) to support and track their migration journey from procurement, to migration and ceasing of their legacy service. To make this easier, we defined and documented migration processes to fast-track transition across the board.

> During these engagements, we provided management, technical guidance and troubleshooting support directly to customers and suppliers to enable them to quickly resolve a range of different issues.

> We also worked with the incumbent service provider to deliver transitional assistance to incoming suppliers ensuring a smooth transition to replacement health and social care network (HSCN) services.


The results

> We delivered this large and ambitious project, supporting the creation of a competitive TelCo supplier marketplace where health and social care organisations can buy value for money network services at significantly lower costs than have been historically available. We also successfully redesigned transitional assistance services from the incumbent, saving our client around £5M.

> This means we have been able to save money for the NHS and taxpayers alike, with an average 65% saving on each like-for-like service.

> We effectively worked with around 1,200 organisations to procure and migrate to replacement network services, enabling future digital transformation vital to deliver a modern healthcare system. These organisations ranged from NHS Foundation Trusts to Clinical Commissioning Groups, covering thousands of GP sites.