Emergency recovery of core systems for major travel company

Key challenges
  • > Business unable to operate due to critical applications compromised
  • > Backup, cloud and on-premise systems offline 
  • > Network and inter-network links down globally
  • > Large proportion of staff furloughed
Key outcomes
  • > Migrated on premise critical billing applications into Azure within 5 days, enabling key billing dates to be met
  • > Critical business data securely relocated to Azure EMEA & ASPAC data centres
  • > Remaining mission critical applications securely rehosted into Azure, leveraging PaaS DB, Backup & Patching
  • > Provided knowledge transfer to client team to continue restoration of services

The Challenge

> Our client, a global firm in the travel industry, needed DMW to provide to enable them to continue Business Operations. Their application estate, primarily hosted on-premise, was compromised and inoperable.


> The client was facing inability to meet critical business events and facing a material business continuity risk.  


> DMW also faced an internal client knowledge transition challenge, as a large percentage of permanent SMEs were unavailable due to the COVID crisis.  This was exacerbated by many key documents being out of date or unavailable.


How we helped

> DMW quickly mobilised a multi-disciplinary team of operation recovery specialists, project managers, cloud subject matter experts, infrastructure subject matter experts, architects, and engineers to work with the group of permanent staff to assess the business recovery and continuity options.


> DMW established and jointly executed a plan to build the core applications and critical data sets securely in an Azure Cloud that enabled key business processes to function.


> In just five working days, whilst following the company’s security policies, the team established a repeatable cloud infrastructure build with secure connectivity to the company network and for remote support teams.  DMW also successful extracted and loaded data, partnering with company staff to establish the successful installation and configuration of the core application.


> After successfully recovering and rehosting their most critical application used by their European offices, we then executed the same solution for Asia-Pacific


The results

> DMW delivered a new and secure cloud infrastructure at blistering pace, leveraging industry best practice policies and procedures so that the company could carry out their crucial billing and operational activities.


> We also provided the client with a secure network and infrastructure design to enable availability and regional failover should it ever be required. We utilised Platform as a Service technologies for database hosting, patch management, backup, change management, inventory, and monitoring.