Defining the future operating model of a large government department's data platform

Key challenges
  • > Limited scalability of DataWorks platform 

  • > Greater insight into data required

  • > New customer support processes required

  • > Amalgamation of different data sources

Key outcomes
  • > Defined step changes to deliver the vision

  • > Reduction in failure demand for customers

  • > Complex models unlocked greater insight

  • > Faster cycle-time of reviewing analysis

the challenge

The challenge

> The client's existing DataWorks platform and processes offered limited scalability to meet future demand. They needed to unlock greater insight from the data to inform service design and provide higher-value analytical services.

> The organisation required more customer-focussed support processes to be put in place and a variety of different data sources needed bringing together.

how we helped

How we helped

> We produced a vision statement and target operating model to transform the data and analytics services provided by DataWorks.

> To enable the change in capabilities required, we developed high level processes, role descriptions and tooling designs. We produced and managed an implementation plan to deliver the changes.

> We also developed a new organisation model to support the shift to cloud-based services.

the results

The results

> We successfully identified and defined the step changes required in all domains to deliver the vision.

> The reliability of the platform improved and the services provided to customers increased, leading to a reduction in failure demand. This included incidents relating to outages and queries around account set-up.

> New data tooling has enabled more complex analysis models to be implemented, unlocking greater insights.

> This resulted in a faster cycle-time of reviewing analysis provided by DataWorks, recommending changes and deployment of those changes to the digital service.