Assurance of a mission-critical digital transformation programme at ELEXON

Key challenges
  • > Assurance of a digital transformation programme
  • > Communicate the business case to stakeholders
  • > Execute digital transformation programme
Key outcomes
  • > Reviewed key artefacts (including programme docs, plans, architecture and code)
  • > Assessed governance, vendor performance and approach 
  • > Provided audit reports with recommendations pre-presentation to Board

The challenge

> Because of major and rapid changes to the regulatory environment and a need to modernise its IT estate, ELEXON decided to rebuild its operational processes, IT systems and organisation.

> A fast-changing regulatory system needs a cloud-based solution with a quick moving change system. This is so that ELEXON can change a single piece of the system without, for example, having to re-test the whole system.

> The board decided that an external evaluation of the programme would add value. 


How we helped

> Our multi-skilled team of consultants performed regular assurance of the programme’s:

  • Programme governance
  • Programme management
  • Architecture and design
  • Vendor performance
  • Agile delivery approach
  • Code quality
  • Risk management

The team also reviewed:

  • Communications to the electricity market
  • Programme organisation and structure
  • Status reporting by the vendor

DMW brought in several experts to provide the necessary assurance across a range of specialist subjects. ELEXON stated that the number of experts and the depth of their expertise was a major factor in winning the work and to the success of our role.


The results

> DMW reviewed key outputs (including programme documents, plans, architecture and code) and interviewed programme staff (both client and supplier) to identify any concerns with the approach.


> Based on these inputs we provided audit reports containing pragmatic observations and recommendations that were discussed with the programme leadership and vendors before they were presented to the ELEXON Board.


> These helped set the mission-critical digital transformation programme on the road to success.