So what's it really like to work for DMW? Find out what sort of people thrive at the firm and learn more about the recruitment process. To see more about our social side follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Working at DMW

We are passionate about helping clients deliver complex, business-critical IT transformation projects. Our clients are some of the biggest names in industry and our projects are every bit as challenging as you’d find in large consulting firms.

We are proud of what we do and are looking for more entrepreneurial and ambitious people to join us. Therefore if your passion is helping clients, as well as taking a successful firm to the next level, then you’re in good company and we would love to hear from you.

DMW has been voted a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the last 5 years, if you would like to find out why, please do get in touch.

So what's it really like to work for DMW? Find out what sort of people thrive at the firm and learn more about the recruitment process. To see more about our social side follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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Opportunities to join DMW

As a growing business, we are constantly on the hunt for the best and the brightest people in the industry. Our firm is widely recognised as the place where smart, ambitious people, who value their integrity and independence want to work. Click the links below to find out more about our current opportunities:

'Return to Work' with DMW

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The ‘Return to Work’ programme is a DMW in-house initiative to help you return to work… whether you have just finished maternity leave, or you have been out of the workplace for several years, DMW actively encourages applications for all open positions, from candidates who have taken a career break.

Our Return to Work programme provides a tailored package of support designed to make your career restart as easy as possible.

  • Flexible working: The option to choose a 4 or 5-day working week depending on your circumstances.
  • Company benefits: Including; private medical insurance (with family options), good maternity leave policy, childcare vouchers and life insurance.
  • Refresher courses: A choice of flexible in-house training.
  • Networking opportunities: Option to join our Women in Technology Consulting group.
  • We focus on the individual: Long term flexibility, family-friendly firm, working with your mentor to find the right projects for your career and your lifestyle.
  • Buddying up: Mentoring system to help you find your feet at DMW.

Stonewall Diversity Champions

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DMW is pleased to announce that it has joined Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme as part of our ongoing commitment to creating a diverse and dynamic workplace.

Stonewall is the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality organisation in the UK and Europe and its Diversity Champions network provides a best practice forum for employers committed to sexual orientation diversity and inclusion

Stonewall Diversity Champion

A 'Great Place To Work'

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In spring 2018, DMW was again recognised as one of the UK’s best companies to work for as part of the 17th annual Great Place to Work® survey of over 6,000 organisations, achieving a top 10 place and the highest placed IT Consultancy in the medium sized category. DMW has been recognised in these awards in each of the last 5 years, this year being the second time in the medium sized company category.

Andy Buckroyd, one of DMW’s Board Directors explains:

“I’m proud that in a year of exceptional growth for the company, we continue to be recognised for providing a rewarding and engaging environment for highly talented individuals to further their careers. We’ve put people at the centre of our growth agenda, ensuring that we evolve our culture whilst remaining true to our core values. With two thirds of the result based on a staff survey, and one third on a Culture Audit, our recognition in these awards is an important measure of how our employees feel about working at DMW.“

Thank you to all our clients and colleagues for helping to us to create a company that we are proud to work for.

Furthermore we are delighted that our commitment to staff development has also been recognised by the UK Government’s Investors in People.

Staff Views

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  • Introduction
  • Who will I be working with?
  • Can I influence the direction of the firm?
  • How will my success be recognised?
  • Will I be well rewarded?

“Are you wondering if DMW could be the right next move for you?

“If you enjoy working with like-minded people, taking time out to connect with your colleagues, influencing the way a firm is growing and being recognised when you do a good job – then you’ll feel right at home here.

“You may have a few questions about how it feels to work at DMW; we certainly did. 

“To help you find out, we’ve asked some of our team to share their thoughts on the most commonly asked questions.”

Teena Lefevre, Talent Acquisition Manager

“When I was making my decision to leave IBM in 2010 it was important for me to choose a firm where colleagues would share my strong consulting background.  Having previously worked for PwC and with friends from Accenture and Deloitte, it amazed me how many of the DMW team I was already connected to. If you have worked for these types of firms then take a look at our ‘staff profiles’ – you may well see some faces you recognise.”

Matt Pockson, Principal

“Every client and every project is different and since joining DMW I have been pleasantly surprised that my level of exposure within the client’s organisation has been significantly higher than when I was working for PA Consulting.  Within six months of joining DMW I was scoping a portfolio of Digital Security projects reporting to the Chief Information Security Officer at a global oil and gas company.”

Benjamin Gilbert, Managing Consultant

“At DMW, we take the creative inputs from the whole company and ask everyone to get involved in both the decision making on new initiatives and their implementation. There is a genuine and refreshing openness within the firm – everyone is encouraged to approach a Director if they have ideas for change and improvement.

“In addition, there are more structured activities (e.g. ‘Strategy Away Days’) that provide us all with an opportunity to get directly involved in crafting, driving and often leading the future development of our business.

“I firmly believe our ability to influence the future of DMW has been one of the reasons we were selected as the best small place to work in the UK by the ‘Great Place to Work®’ institute for five years running.”

Ray Panditharatna, Director

“In a small firm like ours, what you do is very visible. Unlike the bigger firms, you can make a real difference for your client, your career and for DMW. 

“I joined in 2004 as a Managing Consultant, where I’ve combined a variety of client-facing roles with a proactive interest in marketing DMW. The additional responsibilities that I took on in this area combined with the client satisfaction that I was delivering were both recognised formally in 2009 when I was promoted to Client Service Director and invited to join our Leadership Team.

“DMW is a firm that keeps an active interest on how everyone is doing in their client work, their personal career development and their efforts to support the on-going development of the company.  It’s fair to say that DMW recognises and rewards success across all of these areas.”

Derek Moore, Director

”DMW make a job offer very hard to turn down.  The package is attractive; it definitely matches if not beats the big consulting firms.  Most importantly, the promises of Strategy Days, bonuses and career progression have always been met if not exceeded expectations.  Another great thing is everyone knows everyone.  You’re just as likely to be sitting next to the CEO as you are to anyone else.  I can’t even imagine being in the same office as the CEO Accenture or Deloitte, let alone chatting about the company’s latest ventures!

The key difference between DMW and other firms – and the best reward I’ve found – is what you put into DMW, you get out of DMW.  This extends to much more than your salary.  DMW empowers its people to shape the future of the firm – from designing a new office and choosing a strategy away day location, to creating new business areas and shaping new roles in its operating model.  DMW actively encourages inputs from its people, creating a working environment that is near impossible to beat.”

Jenny Gallagher, Managing Consultant

Your Career

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  • Introduction
  • Career development budget
  • Client diversity
  • Annual appraisals

“Our people and their skills lie at the heart of our success.  We rely on them to give us our competitive edge – DMW can only grow and develop if our people themselves develop. 

“We create an environment where individuals can drive their own development. The ‘Strategy Days’ and ‘Action Groups’ provide some excellent opportunities for people to get involved in new areas and develop professionally. I encourage you to read about what some of our team think makes the career development opportunities at DMW a cut above the rest.

“Hopefully you will see why we have won awards for our excellence in this area – such as Great Place To Work’s award for ‘Delivering Excellence in Learning and Development’ two years in a row.”

Chris Dean, CEO

“At DMW, we are each given £2,000 per year to support us reaching our career goals. Some years I have spent my training budget on attending formal courses such as Amazon Web Service’s Solutions Architect Bootcamp and Leading SAFe. More recently, I have attended conferences such as AWS re:Invent 2018 over in Las Vegas. These events have given me technical insights and strategies that I’ve been able to bring back to our clients – something that’s been recognised by my recent promotion to Technical Director. It’s great to have the flexibility to choose what I think will help me keep my skills and knowledge up to date.”

Marius Rubin, Technical Director

“I joined DMW with a background predominately in retail banking systems integration and was first thrust into the world of commodities trading based in central London. This was incredibly interesting and challenging environment where I was able to learn about front office platforms and oil derivatives, enterprise service bus technology and DevOps at the coal face. Since then, I have had opportunities to work on the most cutting-edge aspects of financial services such as challenger bank platform solution design and developing mobile banking applications. My learning in client environments never stops through this variety.

Matching skills, experience and development opportunities with client demand is at the heart of DMW’s successful scheduling process. Our Directors in conjunction with the Talent Management team, seek to maximise individual’s strengths and expertise, stretch them in new roles and given them exposure to new industries. This is all done with careful reflection on appraisal feedback, formal objectives and the overriding desire to invest in our most important asset – our people.”

Ray Panditharatna, Director

“A lot of time and effort goes into the annual appraisals that take place at DMW. The first time I had a DMW appraisal I was impressed by how the discussion quickly honed in on how I wanted to develop myself further. It was obvious how seriously others took the appraisal process – it was much more than simply form-filling. When I joined DMW from PA Consulting I hadn’t had much experience of single-handedly managing projects with large budgets. I flagged this during my initial meeting with my appraiser and he agreed to help me secure a role with more budgetary responsibility (and support me in handling it properly!). Within a year I was responsible for the delivery of a £6m project and within two years I was the Project Manager for a £26m business critical application within a £40m programme.”

Oliver Hastings, Managing Consultant

Your DMW

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  • Introduction
  • DMW monthly meeting (DMM)
  • Strategy away days
  • Team building away days
  • DISCo - Diversity & Inclusion Support Community
  • The eight thirty call

“When you’re at a client site we make sure that you can stay networked with your colleagues at DMW. We create regular ‘DMW time’ in your calendar to help you continue to build internal relationships.

“You can look forward to the following regular events, as well as the ad hoc meetings that our team take it upon themselves to arrange.”

Chris Dean, CEO

“A large part of DMW’s charm is the people and the wonderful things they get up to. The bitter sweet part is that ~4 days a week, most people are on client site. Sweet, because what consultant doesn’t want to be exposed to as many people, offices and projects as possible? Bitter, because it means you don’t get continuous exposure to DMW’s charm. DMMs allow for everyone to touch base and find out about all those wonderful things being accomplished.

The more serious segment topics include updates on individual accounts, overall company updates and announcements, and knowledge sharing after attending conferences and courses. With the company growing so quickly, there is often a segment concentrating on the people; this might be one person providing a witty expose on their professional and not so professional life, or a game where people have to guess who said what, when and why. It’s all about getting to know our fellow DMWers better!

These informal-formal meetings, filled with laughter, wit and learning, are invaluable in keeping alive the special culture that makes DMW what it is.”

Hani Qadiri, Consultant

“Once a year we hold a two-day offsite meeting in the Spring when everyone is updated on the previous year’s performance and engaged in planning for the year ahead. Each year a different group of people from across the firm are involved in the planning activities that go beforehand – they drive the selection of venues, the style of the event, the agenda, the break-outs/workshops, even the dinner menu for the evening. So it’s really an event that we collectively own.

“At the last DMW Strategy Day, we worked in groups to come up with and pitch ‘Your Big Idea’, in support of the firm becoming Bigger, Better and Bolder. The outputs of this day have subsequently fed into the activities of our Action Groups and many of the ideas are already happening.

“After we wrap up the more formal part of the day, we always make sure there’s some time to relax. Whether that’s indulging in a trip to the spa, finding like-minded colleagues to join in an impromptu tennis match or even embark on the odd 50-mile bike ride!”

Kate Shaw, Managing Consultant

“Every Autumn we take a couple of days away from our client work to come together as a firm.  We always choose somewhere that gives us a great opportunity to talk business and socialise with each other across a range of formal and informal activities.

“Recent team building events have included: a three-day trip to Portugal to explore the delights of the Algarve, a ramble round The Lakes with some high adrenaline antics thrown in, and a track day at Thruxton Race Circuit organised in association with one of the charities we support.

“One of the things that makes these events such a success is that virtually everyone in the firm comes.  They really do help us build the all-important team spirit for which DMW is so well known.”

Tom Paterson, Managing Consultant

“Diversity and Inclusion are core values at DMW so we set up a Diversity & Inclusion Support Community (DISCO) in 2018 with the ambitious goal of becoming an industry-wide leader in D&I. DISCo is comprised of a team of volunteers from all levels and areas of the company who discuss steps in achieving this goal and present these to the board to deliver.

What I really like about DISCo is how quickly Chris Dean, our CEO, was onboard with us setting up the community and the board’s enthusiasm in taking on any suggested changes which come through it. We’re also there to ensure D&I elements are considered where they might otherwise have been overlooked, and the existence of the support community allows for people to feel comfortable in reaching out and making requests to us – and they do. 

DISCo has worked together to create a charter which outlines our goals and how we seek to achieve them. Ultimately becoming a leader in D&I should not only help us become a better consultancy but also make sure we continue to be a place where all of our people, whatever their background, are proud to work here – I know I am.”

Safwaan Rahman, Talent Acquisition Consultant

“It’s a weekly thing. Yes, you’ve guessed it – it starts at 8:30am.

“The whole DMW team gets together for a short and snappy conference call to run through client opportunities – so you are always in the know about who’s doing what. This is a collectively-owned meeting so it’s chaired by a variety of people.

“When I joined DMW I thought it sounded like the sort of call that would be scheduled, but often cancelled owing to ‘client commitments’.  It’s a testimony to the firm we are though that, since joining, I can honestly say it’s never been cancelled and we regularly have at least three quarters of the firm dialled in.  That’s probably why it’s such an effective way for us to keep in touch and collaborate around new opportunities.”

Tom Paterson, Managing Consultant