Translate business intent into effective change

Organisations are under increasing pressure to fundamentally transform the way they work. This may be to improve delivery strategy or as a response to the challenges of the digital age.

We recognise the importance of aligning and embedding people, process, and technology changes to optimise value from transformation.

We work with you to drive results through the design and implementation of transformational change.

Business architecture

Our business architecture service establishes a clear vision for your organisation and designs the operating model to deliver it.

We ensure that the change is designed, delivered, and embedded to match your unique organisation’s needs.

We work with you to identify and communicate a clear vision of your organisation’s key priorities.

In order to deliver an improved operating model, we help you to identify, design, and implement the change needed to unlock the benefits.

By up-skilling your staff, we ensure that change is continuously adapted to within your organisation. That way, even after we have gone, you will have the means to deliver continuous improvement.

How we can help:


  • > Establish a clear vision and priorities

    > Select and design the operating model

    > Design blueprints for new services, processes, technology and organisations

    > Pursue the right change interventions to deliver and embed your operating model

    > Up-skill your team

Transformation leadership

We help translate your strategic intent into clear, integrated change programmes to achieve your intended results.

To create a compelling case for change, organisations need to identify what needs to change and where. Our experts will help you to discover and execute this change in a clear and meaningful way.

We implement our tried and tested methods in order to build a roadmap for change, developing customer journeys, user stories and service designs along the way.

Most importantly, we orchestrate this change across many business areas including people, process, data, and technology. This ensures it meets your specific business outcomes and is adopted company-wide.

How we can help:


  • > Translate strategic intent into a clear roadmap for change

    > Assess and identify required change interventions

    > Define change management, communications, and training strategies 

    > Develop and drive continuous improvement capability

Exceptional technical consultants

Our Business Transformation consultants have experience in large-scale transformation programmes across the public and private sector.

Our highly flexible team adopt and apply industry best practice to their work. Their knowledge is not hypothetical but steeped in real world experience.

We specialise across many areas of business transformation. This includes business architecture, transformation leadership, and quality assurance. Our breadth of knowledge ensures we are able to implement end-to-end transformation effectively.

In all of our work, we focus on helping clients understand and exceed their customers’ expectations, looking for opportunities to implement cutting edge technology across both cloud and data.

Why we succeed:

  • > We adapt our methods to fit your business

  • > We focus on helping you boost customer engagement and satisfaction

  • > We help forge a culture that embraces innovation and change

  • > We look beyond technology by incorporating your data, people, and processes
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