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IT asset management – do you know what you’ve got?

Many IT portfolios focus on delivery of new capabilities, but how much focus is given to updating, refreshing or decommissioning existing capabilities? Very little? Well prepare for an enterprise-wide wake of potentially costly loose ends.

These loose ends can take many forms including defunct or duplicate applications, stray or underutilised servers & storage, rogue/duplicate data, un-archived information, etc…

The question to ask is “Is my IT organisation as pro-active and mature in managing existing or legacy IT capabilities as it is in implementing new?”. If not, make sure your IT operating budget is aligned with an ever more complex and growing IT landscape. Be aware that left unchecked, this culture can end up impacting your organisation’s ability to deliver further IT change later as it struggles to support the labyrinth of infrastructure and applications that exist across it.

So what should you do?

Although point reviews and migration projects will undoubtedly improve the situation, the real solution is to implement on-going and robust IT asset management. Put simply, if you don’t know what you’ve got or what it’s doing, you won’t be able to optimise what you are paying for, or understand the future costs and risks you might be taking on. Many companies just don’t realise the value in this critical process and it is often regarded as too difficult, too time-consuming or quite frankly, too boring (or, sometimes, all three!).

As an initial step, try finding find out what each server in your estate is supporting…